Brockville Farmers' Market - November Edition

Date:November 17, 2018
Time:9:00am - 2:00pm
Location:Court House Lodge

Open Saturday, 9a.m. – 2 p.m. from May until December, the Brockville Farmers' Market �has become one of the oldest continuous markets in Ontario, known for its friendly vendors and scenic location.

What started off as a small stone building with 4 butchers and several produce stalls has now evolved into a bustling street of approximately 34 merchants. Since it first opened almost 178 years ago this quaint market, with its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, has played an integral role in the development of Brockville’s rich cultural history.��

The story of the Farmers’ Market begins October 28th, 1832 when local Charles Jones, donated 2 acres of land to the city as a site for a market place. A few years later, Jones’ land became the site of a small stone building that was rented out to area butchers with farmers manning stalls outside. The market quickly became popular, so much so that from 1862-1864 it under went reconstruction in order to house 16 vendors inside with extra stalls available outside.

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Admission Fee:Free
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