Starry Night

Date:January 16, 2018
Time:6:00pm - 7:00pm

We are excited to offer a program which utilises our Planetarium technology.

This is a great adventure which is presented at a grade 9 level. Guests are encouraged to lay on the floor beneath the stars (or sit on the bench seating) of our Pilot House and look up as we explore the galaxy and planets – like any astronaut would! Our 60 minute presentation explores both our solar system and highlights of what’s visible in the night sky on the evening of your show. This tour will include constellations, planets, the moon, colliding galaxies, an exploding star, glowing nebulae, star clusters and planetary transits. Each presentation will be based on realistic computer generated, large formatted images that are projected on the domed ceiling of the Aquatarium’s Pilot House.

Our season runs between October and May, from 6-7pm and takes place in our Pilot House space on the 4th floor of the Aquatarium.


Admission Fee:5.00
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