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The 6 Types of Office Space for Rent in Downtown Brockville

Small businesses make up the bulk of Downtown Brockville and office space for rent in the area provides ample opportunities for other small businesses to set up shop and grow with the rest of the community. Situated on the bank of the St. Lawrence River, Downtown Brockville not only provides great shopping, but also beautiful views and rich history.

Combined with the supportive community, Downtown Brockville's many rental options are perfect for nurturing your business.

  1. Rent by the Room or by the Building

If you've ever dreamed of owning a small used bookstore, thrift shop, flower shop, or any type of small business, you will find the perfectly sized location to meet your needs. Whether you need just a single room to display your products, or the whole building for storage and display, Downtown Brockville has what you need. 

  1. Combination Property

Many buildings in the downtown area boast both residential and commercial uses, allowing the small business owners to supplement their business income by renting out the apartments on the top, while running their business on the ground floor. 

  1. Professional Office Space for Rent

First impressions can make or break customer confidence and loyalty. By inviting potential clients to a well-kept, quaint office in the beautiful Downtown area, you can better ensure that they will be confident in your services or products, while maintaining your productivity.

  1. Retail Space

Store fronts boasting a variety of fun, adorable, and unique items are iconic within Downtown Brockville. The retail space for rent allows you to beautifully display your items and entice shoppers into your store.

  1. Services Space

Salons, nail artists, tattoo artists, and instructors are all welcome within the business community of Downtown Brockville. Many rental properties in the area have the required features for many service centered businesses. Whether you are dreaming of opening your own salon, or if your dance school has outgrown your current building, downtown Brockville has the perfect option for you.

  1. Restaurants

No downtown area is complete without a selection of mouthwatering eateries. Rental properties with commercial kitchens, such as what you would expect for a cafe or family restaurant often include commercial grade appliances, reducing startup costs, and expediting opening day.

No matter your business, there is the perfect office space for rent in Downtown Brockville. To learn more, or to see listed properties, please contact Downtown Brockville today!


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Five Downtown Date Night Event Ideas in Brockville

Downtown Brockville is the perfect place to go if you’re looking to impress a new date or create a magical evening! Whether you’re looking for the classic “Dinner and a Show” date night or a unique way to spend time with that special someone, Brockville’s events and locations will have something for you!


The first part of many date nights is going out to dinner; Downtown Brockville has a whole assortment of restaurants available for your liking. Brockville offers fancy restaurants, family restaurants, all the way down to restaurants that are perfect to go to if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat. Take a closer look at the restaurants Downtown Brockville has to offer.


After going to dinner, it’s show time! Brockville Arts Centre offers a whole assortment of entertainment and always has events available. These Brockville events range from movie screenings, live music, shows for all different tastes, trivia nights, and performing arts.

Drinks and Dessert

You can end your date by going out for drinks or dessert (or maybe even both). You can choose from a wide variety of locations to visit, and grab a sweet drink with your date in Downtown Brockville.

Spa Day

A spa day is the perfect way to relax with each other. Taking you and your date out to a spa day is a fantastic way for the both of you to pamper yourselves and bond. Looking for a spa to choose in Downtown Brockville? Click here to see your spa and salon options!

Book Stores

Looking for a unique date idea for that special someone? Go check out our Brockville Public Library and browse books together! Bonding over books with a fellow book worm is a great way to bond and learn more about each other; also, if you bring your library card with you, you can use your card at participating restaurants to get a discount on your meal when you go out to eat. You can also visit one of our great bookstores for even more reading options!

Visit Downtown Brockville Today

Downtown Brockville is filled with vibrant small businesses and people that are certain to make any date a hit. Contact us today for more information on Brockville events!

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Brockville Shopping Makes Prepping for Prom Ten Times Easier!

Prom is a very stressful event, especially if you’ve never been to prom before! There are so many different details that you have to plan and as the date gets closer, you may run into some last-minute problems. That’s okay, because Brockville shopping has you covered, no matter what special request you may have!

Dresses and Formal Wear

If you’re a female, dress shopping is the hardest part about prom. You have a specific idea of what you’re looking for in a dress, but pricing and fitting make that dream difficult. Brockville shopping has many prom dress and formal wear shops scattered throughout Brockville, giving you many opportunities to find your perfect dress or tuxedo!


Whether you’re looking to add some sparkle to your dress or looking to add to your tux, finding the perfect accessory for your prom night won’t be a problem. Jewelry, shoes, makeup, and shapewear are all items that you can pick up at special shops in Brockville! No matter what your price range may be, you can certainly find the perfect accessories to add some flare to your prom night!

Floral Accessories

Want to surprise your date with a bouquet of their favorite flowers? Or maybe you just want to purchase your date a corsage or a boutonniere? Whatever your request is, Colonial flowers is here to make your prom night just a little bit less stressful. No matter if you’re on a last minute floral run or you’ve planned weeks ahead, the floral shops at Brockville shopping have your back.


If you’re looking for a last-minute trim, coloring, or an up-do, Brockville has you covered. There are many, many hair salons, and barbers all around downtown Brockville that are certain to give you an amazing experience. Just make sure that you call ahead of time to make an appointment so you can be served without a rush!

If you’re looking for more help planning your Brockville shopping for prom, contact us today!

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5 Benefits of Owning a Downtown Brockville Business

Currently, Downtown Brockville is home to more than 300 thriving businesses; from cozy cafes, to high end retailers, and everything in between. Owning a Brockville business in the downtown area provides business owners with several benefits.

  1. Be Part of Something Beautiful

    Downtown Brockville has many of the oldest, most beautiful shop fronts, and views of some of the designated Cultural Heritage Sites. Doing business in the downtown area allows businesses to be part of the rich history of the area, while taking advantage of both street and foot traffic. The beauty of the area is hard to ignore and will naturally flow into your store front or office area.

  2. A Cohesive Downtown Organization

    Part of the charm of a Downtown Brockville business is participating in local area events, such as beautification projects, Sidewalk Sales, and seasonal festivities. Business owners work together to create mutually beneficial projects, which effectively boosts the whole town’s sense of pride.

  3. A Community to be Proud of

    Brockville, though a popular travel destination thanks to the St. Lawrence River, still nurtures the local community. Organizations, such as our own Brockville Police, regularly hold events and community days designed to bring people together to celebrate things and learn something new. Owning a Brockville business opens more opportunities to get involved and make a difference in the local community.

  4. Opportunities for Growth

    Owning a small business in Downtown Brockville, provides owners with easy access to invaluable resources. You will enjoy the benefits of membership with Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre and the Thousand Island Community Development Corporation. These resources will provide you with the tools and information you need to grow your business and thrive with the rest of Downtown Brockville.

  5. A Share of Brockville's Flourishing Tourism Dollars

    Located on the St. Lawrence River, Brockville is a popular tourist destination. People from all over the world come to enjoy the sights, sounds, and history of the Thousand Island region, the Aquatarium, and the Brockville Arts Centre Heritage Theatre, just to name a few. As part of the wonderful community of Brockville businesses, you will benefit greatly from the tourism dollars that our historic Downtown area brings in each year.

Downtown Brockville is alive and vibrant with a wonderful community of small business owners looking out for one another. All it's missing is your business. Contact Downtown Brockville today for more information!

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Gluten-Friendly & Vegetarian Restaurants in Brockville

Gluten-Friendly and Vegetarian Restaurants in Brockville

Do you have special dietary needs, such as gluten allergies or a need for vegetarian options? There are still plenty of restaurants in Brockville to choose from! All of the following restaurants have both gluten-free/friendly and vegetarian options to make your dining choices easy.

1000 Islands Pizzeria
This unique combination of pizzeria and Greek restaurant has been a family-owned Brockville staple since 1970! They also have an amazing selection of appetizers and delicious sandwiches.

241 Pizza

At 241 Pizza you are able to get any medium-sized pizza with gluten-free crust!


A Taste of Italy the Mill

The Mill restaurant is located in one of the most stunning historical buildings in Brockville.  The Mill features a traditional Italian cuisine with a European flair.  The menu has several items that are vegetarian and gluten friendly.  Open for Lunch and Dinner and private parties.

Brimstone Wood Fired Pizza
If you're craving real wood-fired pizza, Brimstone Pizza is where it's at. Their options range from the traditional to the eclectic, and the staff makes every effort to accommodate dietary needs.

Brockberry Grill
The Brockberry Grill is a relaxed casual dining spot, known particularly for its range of creative salads and crepes. It's also available for reservations and special events.

Buell Street Bistro

The Buell Street Bistro features Canadian Cuisine with a Mediterranean flair! They offer a separate gluten-free menu. 

Georgian Dragon Pub
This traditional British-style pub offers up a wide variety of traditional pub foods, as well as one of the best breakfast\brunch menus in town!

Golden Gate Restaurant
The Golden Gate is the top buffet in Brockville, featuring a variety of Chinese, Szechuan, and Canadian specialties. If you don't see vegetarian\gluten-free options on the buffet, just ask!

Island Delight
This mixed Chinese/Thai restaurant is a long-time favorite, with fantastic stir-fry’s, curries, and egg noodle dishes. Tofu and other meat replacements available.

Kazuko Restaurant
The best spot in Brockville for Japanese and pan-Asian fusions, Kazuko offers a variety of specialties and dim sum, all prepared by a master Japanese chef.

Nakhon Thai Express
This family-owned restaurant features the most authentic Thai in town, and a head chef who has worked around the world. Try their excellent combo meals for a great sampler!

O'Mally Kourt Fudgery

There's no shortage of food options at O'Mally Kourt Fudgery. This includes gluten-free fudge, a line of gluten-free breads, and gluten-free meals to take home!

Shawarma Garden
The first and only restaurant in Brockville featuring Lebanese cuisine, Shawarma Garden is a true treat. A wide variety of vegetarian options makes this a great animal-friendly choice.

Spitfire Cafe
While the retro-themed Spitfire has an inclusive menu, they specialize in great gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. It's a must-visit!

Tait's Bakery
Don't be put off by the name - Tait's Bakery still offers gluten-free options, with a great selection of yummy baked treats.

Tall Ships Waterfront Grille

With a stunning view of the St. Lawrence River, Tall Ships offers an elegant dining experience. They have an expansive menu and are happy to accommodate gluten-free guests.

Tandoori Mint
Brockville's top Indian restaurant serves a wide variety of vegetarian dishes, all deliciously authentic and exotic.

The Union Jack Pub
Take a step into Britain at the Union Jack, with a variety of pub foods and gluten-free/vegetarian options available on request.

For more information about Downtown Brockville, please contact us today!

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Celebrate Canada 150!

Time to get in the spirit!

Downtown Brockville is gearing up to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday! There are plenty of events, programs, contests, and ways for you to get involved.

Spend some time taking in 150 years of the area’s history with the Brockville Museum.  For the 150 days leading up to July 1st, the Brockville Museum will be sharing an interesting tidbit about our past on their social media. You can also check out the digital exhibit here.

Really get into the spirit by hosting a Canada 150 event!  If you have an event already planned, or an interesting idea for one, simply connect with the Brockville Tourism office to have your event included in local event listings.  Have cherry and vanilla popsicles, sing some Tragically Hip, play pin the tail on the moose – get creative!

Check back here for more events and initiatives throughout the year!

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Rise & Grind Coffee Contest

Rise & Grind

It's January and the the cold weather is here!

Why not invite a friend to join you at one of Downtown Brockville's coffee shops. Enjoy your favourite hot beverage in downtown Brockville and you could win $100 worth of gift certificates.
There's many to choose from including Maphin's, Sleepless Monkey, Boboli, Tait's, Winniebee's Cafe, Spitfire Cafe.
Visit your favourite coffee shop or stop by as many as you can before January 31, not only will you be able to enjoy a relaxing time with a hot beverage but you could win $100 in gift certificates.

Here's all you need to do ... 

1. Visit a coffee shop in Downtown Brockville and order your hot beverage
2. Take a photo of your hot beverage 
3. Check out the Rise & Grind promotion on the Brockville DBIA Facebook page
4. Post the photo in the Comments section and mention the coffee shop

You can enter as many times as you like between now and January 31st, the winner will be announced February 1st
Happy New Year from your friends in Downtown Brockville
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Downtown Restaurants in Brockville Offer a Variety of International Tastes

There are a surprising number of restaurants offering international cuisine located in the Downtown Brockville area.

Restaurant goers have their choice of Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine all within a short distance.

Island Delight Restaurant

Island Delight Restaurant in BrockvilleIsland Delight Restaurant offers Chinese and Thai food that will leave your taste buds tantalized, with their stir-frying technique that allows food to retain its nutrients as well as its delicious flavour balance amongst a variety of different ingredients.

Here’s what a few Yelp reviewers had to say about their recent experience:

“Best Chinese food in Brockville Excellent variety. Consistently well prepared. Very friendly service.”

“I especially liked their homemade eggrolls. Very flavourful. Overall I’d definitely be back to check out more of their menu items.

“Consistently delicious food and a great atmosphere. Their General Tao is so good and the service is fast and efficient.”

Tandori Mint

Tandori Mint Restaurant in BrockvilleFor tasty Indian dining, there is the always popular Tandoori Mint, with its great service and weekly lunch specials. Their food is authentically spiced and prepared, and cooked fresh daily with only the highest standards for quality.

Be sure to try their Vegetable Samosas, Butter Chicken (if you’re new to Indian food), or Lamb Vindaloo (if you’re a fan of spicy food).

“I love this restaurant and eat here often. They have great lunch specials. The staff and owners are friendly and helpful.”

Tandoori Mint is an excellent restaurant. One of the best, even by Toronto standards. The Baingan Bharta is amazing, and the Butter Chicken is excellent. Rogan Josh, Onion Bhaji - all of it. Really, it’s one of the best Indian restaurants I have eaten at and have been back on many occasions. Definitely worth a visit.”

Nakhon Thai

Nakhon Thai Restaurant in BrockvilleAt Nakhon Thai, one of Brockville’s most praised, their heart goes into their cooking to ensure everyone enjoys their Thai cuisine experience. All sauces, curries, appetizers, soups, and main meals are created from scratch to ensure the freshest flavours possible.

“Being a vegetarian this restaurant offered great options and food. The mango salad was fresh and delicious. The green curry with tofu and sticky rice was one of the best ever.”

“Great place for Thai food on a Saturday night. Surprised it was quiet but enjoyed the food and service.”

“I love to dine at Nakhon Thai. The food is amazing. If you like Thai food, I highly recommend this to you.”


Kazuko Restaurant in BrockvilleIf you’re looking for the best Japanese Dim Sum on the planet you don’t have to go further than Kazuko in Downtown Brockville. With gourmet meals prepared fresh daily, this hidden gem of a restaurant has been serving international cuisine for 17 years. Catering and take home meals are available as well, prepared using only the finest ingredients with no additives.

Kazuko is honestly the best restaurant in Brockville. Every time we go to Kazuko the food is AMAZING! Everything is handmade to order. The staff is so nice and friendly. It’s definitely an awesome place to eat.”

New York Restaurant and Golden Gate

New York Restaurant in BrockvilleGolden Gate Restaurant in BrockvilleLast but not least, for Chinese there are the New York Restaurant and the Golden Gate. The Golden Gate Restaurant offers a very affordable all you can eat Chinese buffet. The New York Restaurant specializes in Cantonese and Szechuan, as well as Canadian cuisine and seafood. One of the oldest restaurants in the downtown Brockville area, the food is made hot, fresh, and right to order every time for either dine-in or delivery.

If you’re looking for a common aspect among all Downtown Brockville has to offer when it comes to international cuisine, it’s simply the quality of the food and friendly service.

Be sure to try one of these great restaurants!

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The End of an Era- Billings Hardware

The lineup started well before the store opened at 9 am. By the time this scribe arrived at 12:30 pm it had managed to move inside, but nonetheless still extended the length of the centre aisle and curled around and up the next aisle. The flow of customers entering the store was constant. Many in the line knew each other, because as one explained, “We're all regulars”. And weren't we all?

Conventional wisdom explains that we measure time in hours, days and years. The truth be told we actually mark it by events. Today is one of those events to mark the passage of time, and tradition, as Billings Home Hardware begins a liquidation sale in preparation for closing. For 51 years Billings Hardware and owner Bob Billings were a constant on King Street. The mantra regarding the store, known and repeated by generations of Brockville residents was, “If you can't find it anywhere else, Billings will have it”. It was repeated in a multitude of variations by those exiting the store today.

“You knew whatever you needed it was at Billings. If they didn't have it, no one did. They probably didn't make it anymore.”

“I'm going to miss it a lot, I've been shopping here for 40 years. I had a game I played whenever I came to Billings. I would try to find what I wanted before they could ask me if I needed some help. I never won, they were that good at looking after their customers.”

“I remember when they moved to this location from further down the street. I didn't recognize it for a while as it was too organized! It soon settled back into the pattern I was familiar with. I'm saying this lovingly, because part of the experience was a chat with Bob and staff, while they found something for you. It wouldn't have been the same if you just walked in and out. It had a sort of an old-fashioned, more relaxed feel that I'll miss.”

Rob Marischitz took time away from coordinating the sale for a quick word. “This is sad and personal for me, Bob's a friend. He has many friends and he is loved and respected in the business community. Everyone knows Billings and Bob and that it was a local hardware. This is 51 years of history.” Like I said Billings served generations of Brockville residents.

Daughter Jan McGregor recalled that on the very rare occasion when Bob didn't have an item he would order it by Purolator, at no extra charge and have it there by the next morning at 10. “We had free home delivery until very recently.” When she stopped in the store a while back, but not too far back she said she found, “the hand-written credit list, sales to regulars based on trust and written on a list. Can you imagine?”

Perhaps the last word should go to the very first lady I chatted with outside Billings door. When I asked how long she had been shopping at Billings she replied, “This is my first visit”. Then she explained that she was a visitor and was walking by when she saw the closing sign and the stream of folks walking in and out. “So I thought I'd check it out.” She didn't really see anything that appealed to her but she remarked that, “Everyone inside was talking about how long the store has been here and how they always had what you wanted. They seemed to really like the owner and the staff. It must have been quite a store.”

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Your Downtown Guide to being Prom Ready this Season

It’s that time of year again, snow is melting, birds are singing and high school seniors are preparing for Prom.  While we can’t help you find the perfect date, we have put together a list that will make your Prom planning a little easier.

  1. Looking to tone up? Check out these great places Downtown Brockville that cater to all level of fitness goals


  1. Dress to Impress- Downtown Brockville has great formal wear stores; perfect for prom dresses, tux rentals, accessories and shoes, as well as staff that offer exceptional service


  1. Get your tan on!- Get yourself a sun kissed glow at a Downtown Brockville tanning salon


  1. Hair and Nails- Put the final touches on your Prom look at one of our Downtown Brockville Salon and Spas


  1. Don’t forget the corsage and boutonniere


  1. Book a photographer to capture your special day
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Top 5 Things to Do in Downtown Brockville

When was the last time you explored Downtown Brockville? With brick buildings lining the avenues, decorative fountains, and a quaint waterfront, there’s something particularly welcoming about this area. Here at Expedia Canada, we’re all about spending the day enjoying new activities, which is why we’re sharing our top five things to do in Downtown Brockville.

1. Treasures of the Deep

If you can’t remember when you were last in fins, it’s time to visit Downtown Brockville. Get certified at Dive Brockville Adventure Centre, then check out the variety of shipwrecks just off shore. Main dive attractions include the Robert Gaskin, an iron-rigged wood barge that sank in 1889; the Lillie Parsons, a double-masted centerboard schooner that’s been resting at the bottom of the St. Lawrence River since 1877; and the Conestoga, a wooden passenger and package stream freighter that went down in 1922. Conditions are favorable for drysuit and wetsuit diving, depending on the season. Eyepatch and parrot not required.  

2. Wheels and Spokes

Dust off your bike seat and make your way to Brock Trail. This 7 km path snakes through the city, passes the waterfront, and glides around the parks. It’s a paved route, open to cyclists, joggers, and strollers, though you’ll see most people on two wheels in these parts. If you want to experience the trail from start to finish, begin your day in Armagh S. Price Park and wind through the downtown area until you reach Laurier Boulevard.

3. Cars and Photographs

Learn something new about Brockville with an afternoon in the Brockville Museum. The centre is home to artifacts and exhibits that display the town’s 200-year history. The museum is divided into four sections, which cover different aspects of the city’s legacy. Start in the Carriage Hall, which examines Brockville’s automobile industry. While you’re there, keep your eyes out for restored Atlas and Briscoe vehicles on display. Next, check out the Gallery and Annex. In the Gallery, you’ll learn that Canada’s first railway tunnel opened in Brockville, while in the Annex you’ll view WWI from the lens of town local Lt. Frederick Crawford Curry. Last is the Beecher House, which hosts fishing, boating, and familial artifacts from Brockville’s modern era.  

4. Shopping Spree

Give your credit card a “treat yo self” day with a shopping spree in Downtown Brockville. With over 300 businesses in downtown, there’s a little bit of everything to be found. Discover your new favorite collectables in the antique shops, grab new paperbacks from the cozy bookstores, and pick out some outfits for dining out on the town. You know that thing you’ve been searching for and can’t find? We bet it’s in Downtown Brockville.

5. Movies in the Park

During the summer, there’s no better place to be than under the stars, experiencing some prime entertainment. And isn’t it extra wonderful when it’s free? Make your way to Brockville during the annual Movies in the Park series. The films are kid-friendly, so you can bring everyone from little tots to your teens along with you. Just remember a warm blanket for breezy nights.  

Come and visit Downtown Brockville. Whether you’re here every week or haven’t visited yet, there’s something waiting for you to see.

Expedia Canada Staff Writer

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