April 2018

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Written by: Kendra Lorimer

In addition to supporting the DBIA’s downtown events, here at the City of Brockville’s Economic Development Department we do a number of things to help promote the economic viability of Brockville. You may already be aware that we contribute financial and logistical support for projects that enhance the City, and that we work to market our community assets to attract new investment.  However, you may not be aware of all of the ways that our department works within the City to support our local business sector and help make Brockville a great place to visit, live, and work.

Some of the behind the scenes work that you may not realize we are doing include:

  1. Conducting one-on-one meetings to discuss the needs and concerns of our local business community
  2. Marketing available properties and land for sale or lease in the City and leading on the development of employment lands
  3. Promoting Brockville as a destination for new business and as a great place to live through marketing, attending events, and partnering with regional economic development organizations such as the St. Lawrence Corridor Economic Development Commission, Leeds Grenville Economic Development, and the Ontario East Economic Development Commission
  4. Assisting with a long term strategic action plan for tourism in Brockville
  5. Funding the installation of free, public Wi-Fi throughout the downtown area
  6. Working with the Employment and Education Centre and the Thousand Islands Workforce Development Board to find out what kinds of jobs need to be filled in the area and what skills are in demand
  7. Talking one-on-one with people interested in moving to the area and send out customized relocation packages
  8. Working on youth retention and new resident attraction strategies including working to acquire new designations for Brockville in order to position the city as a great place to live
  9. Working with the St. Lawrence-Rideau Immigration Partnership to find the best ways to position Brockville as a welcoming community for all
  10. Submitting projects for awards to raise the profile of the area generate positive news stories
  11. Providing support for entrepreneurs and connect them with resources in the community
  12. Working with businesses to navigate zoning and bylaws to help them find the perfect location for their business
  13. Providing a list of grants and subsidies that are available for businesses
  14. Working with local business people to help them grow and to find solutions to any problems they may be experiencing
  15. Showcasing local businesses and why they chose Brockville on their website and social media

We work regularly with a variety of partners to share resources, deliver services, and cross-promote efforts. We work closely with the DBIA and with the tourism office to ensure that marketing messages are in line and we are limiting duplication. Where there is a chance to partner or share costs to ensure that an opportunity is not missed, we are happy to hear about new ideas and create a plan of action. We are committed to working with as many partners as possible to get multiple viewpoints, streamline projects and ensure that everyone is working towards the same vision and goals.

We want to hear from you!

Do you have a great story on why you chose Brockville as the home for your business or your family? Want to be featured on our website, social media, and upcoming marketing campaigns? We are looking for quotes and testimonials to showcase the region to potential investors and residents and would love to hear from you. Click here to share your story

Looking for Business Support?

Contact us:

Rob Nolan, Director of Economic Development
City of Brockville
613-342-8772 x4445

Kendra Lorimer, Economic Development Coordinator
City of Brockville
613-342-8772 x4440

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BrockvilleEcDev
Twitter: www.twitter.com/BrockvilleEcDev




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My Experience Working with the DBIA

Great Experience at DBIA Student Placement

I am currently enrolled in a two year Office Administration Program at St. Lawrence College. When I went for Orientation day in September, I filled out a ballot to win a $25.00 DBIA gift certificate. The next week I discovered that I was the winner! I went to the DBIA office to collect my win, and when I left the office I immediately thought that this would be a great place to do my placement. Shortly after, I emailed Hillary, the Executive Director, and asked if I could do my placement with her in March. She quickly responded to my email and agreed. She instantly made me feel welcome and correspondence with her was easy. I felt like I had an instant advantage in my program and I was relieved that I did not have to continue in a search.

When I began my placement, I was introduced to Haley, the Events and Communication Coordinator. She enlightened me on many new software programs that the office uses, including Canva, Mail Chimp and Salesforce. I got to see the hard work that she puts into social media daily to promote the Downtown area businesses.

I met many people that work in the Downtown Area, DBIA members, city workers, active community members and more. During my placement was the Spring Into Flavour event, and I took advantage of working at an office downtown by having a few lunches at local eateries, throughout my two week placement. It was very enjoyable.

One of the most interesting components of what I did was look through some old files that were being stored in the basement. Seeing all of the paperwork of previous years of dedication to the Downtown area, and how it all still relates to the Brockville that we have now. I grew up here, and now my daughter is also growing up here. It makes me very proud to know that the City’s downtown is in good hands, with many people trying to improve and keep it a vibrant part of this City.

I have personally seen a huge improvement in the downtown area, in the past 5 years. Downtown events have gone from about 3 events, now up to 8 that the DBIA is solely responsible for. I have followed their social media for a long time, and I have always found great family events that my mother, my daughter and I will attend. We always love the May sidewalk sale that has expanded into Street Eats; the Farmer’s Market is always fun to spend a Saturday morning at; we have also attended the Breakfast with Santa for the past couple of years, and last year we ventured out to the night time Santa Claus Parade.

Hearing about all the new suggestions that Hillary and the DBIA want to bring to the Downtown area is exciting, and I am confident that Brockville will only continue to grow and be a great place to visit.

Aimee Tatartchenko

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