Top 5 Things to Do in Downtown Brockville

When was the last time you explored Downtown Brockville? With brick buildings lining the avenues, decorative fountains, and a quaint waterfront, there’s something particularly welcoming about this area. Here at Expedia Canada, we’re all about spending the day enjoying new activities, which is why we’re sharing our top five things to do in Downtown Brockville.

1. Treasures of the Deep

If you can’t remember when you were last in fins, it’s time to visit Downtown Brockville. Get certified at Dive Brockville Adventure Centre, then check out the variety of shipwrecks just off shore. Main dive attractions include the Robert Gaskin, an iron-rigged wood barge that sank in 1889; the Lillie Parsons, a double-masted centerboard schooner that’s been resting at the bottom of the St. Lawrence River since 1877; and the Conestoga, a wooden passenger and package stream freighter that went down in 1922. Conditions are favorable for drysuit and wetsuit diving, depending on the season. Eyepatch and parrot not required.  

2. Wheels and Spokes

Dust off your bike seat and make your way to Brock Trail. This 7 km path snakes through the city, passes the waterfront, and glides around the parks. It’s a paved route, open to cyclists, joggers, and strollers, though you’ll see most people on two wheels in these parts. If you want to experience the trail from start to finish, begin your day in Armagh S. Price Park and wind through the downtown area until you reach Laurier Boulevard.

3. Cars and Photographs

Learn something new about Brockville with an afternoon in the Brockville Museum. The centre is home to artifacts and exhibits that display the town’s 200-year history. The museum is divided into four sections, which cover different aspects of the city’s legacy. Start in the Carriage Hall, which examines Brockville’s automobile industry. While you’re there, keep your eyes out for restored Atlas and Briscoe vehicles on display. Next, check out the Gallery and Annex. In the Gallery, you’ll learn that Canada’s first railway tunnel opened in Brockville, while in the Annex you’ll view WWI from the lens of town local Lt. Frederick Crawford Curry. Last is the Beecher House, which hosts fishing, boating, and familial artifacts from Brockville’s modern era.  

4. Shopping Spree

Give your credit card a “treat yo self” day with a shopping spree in Downtown Brockville. With over 300 businesses in downtown, there’s a little bit of everything to be found. Discover your new favorite collectables in the antique shops, grab new paperbacks from the cozy bookstores, and pick out some outfits for dining out on the town. You know that thing you’ve been searching for and can’t find? We bet it’s in Downtown Brockville.

5. Movies in the Park

During the summer, there’s no better place to be than under the stars, experiencing some prime entertainment. And isn’t it extra wonderful when it’s free? Make your way to Brockville during the annual Movies in the Park series. The films are kid-friendly, so you can bring everyone from little tots to your teens along with you. Just remember a warm blanket for breezy nights.  

Come and visit Downtown Brockville. Whether you’re here every week or haven’t visited yet, there’s something waiting for you to see.

Expedia Canada Staff Writer

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