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Shop Local Week: Why Choose A Service Downtown?

It's important to note when we say the word service for the sake of the below graphic, what we actually mean is there are 175 other businesses that aren't solely a retail store or restaurant/cafe. 

But you're still probably pretty shocked to find out that there are 175 other unique businesses downtown!

So here's a breakdown of what we've clustered under the term service for the sake of this blog:


Here's the top 5 reasons to choose a service downtown: 

1) There's Plenty of Selection

We're pretty lucky! Not only is there a service for all of your needs right downtown, but you'll have plenty of choices on where to go! For example there's 5 nail salons, 16 spas and salons and 27 financial institutions. You can go to the doctors, dentist, spa and bank all within the same 3 blocks!


2) The Know That Customer Service Matters

What's really nice is these services are all small businesses, which means they care about making your experience the most positive one possible whether you're getting a seaweed wrap or your back adjusted. And being in a tight-knit community, they know, first hand, most new business is generated by word of mouth!


3) They Genuinely Care About Your Well-being 

They still have that 'small town charm" where they care more about improving your life as a whole than becoming the next millionaire! I've actually had a small business owner admit to me that his goal is to make his clients no longer need his services!


4) They Also Genuinely Care About Our Community

They live, work and play here in Brockville too! The more the community thrives, the more well off their business is. Which means they take the time to give back through donations, volunteering and more.


5)  It's Outstanding Service

Being a small business doesn't mean they lack the skills or qualifications needed to get the job done! They've dotted the "i"s and crossed the "t"s on all their certifications so you're getting the best professional, accurate and safe care. From a financial plan that actually fits your needs to a mani and pedi that will last all holiday season, our businesses have top notch qualifications and take the time to make sure they're using top quality products with their customers. 


Next time you're going to get your hair cut, teeth cleaned, taxes done or beard groomed, go to someone you can trust!


Need help finding a service? Search our directory! Or send us a message via emailFacebookTwitter or Instagram and we can make some recommendations! 

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