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The 101: Burger & Bevvy 2019

The 101: Burger & Bevvy 2019

We're excited to launch a new event named Burger & Bevvy! Participating restaurants are featuring exclusive burgers and drinks all week long and we want to give you a sneak peak at what to expect (get ready for your mouth to water)! Eat at any of these locations March 16-24 and you can be entered to win the following prizes:

Prize 1: $50 Downtown Brockville Gift Certificate (collect 2 stamps to enter to win)

Prize 2: The Downtown Brockville Foodie Basket (collect 3 stamps to enter to win)

Prize 3: $500 in Downtown Brockville Gift Certificates (collect 4 stamps to enter to win)
Downtown gift certificates can be used at almost any business downtown! Find out more here.



The infamous (and delicious) Ritz burger is back for Burgers& Bevvy 2019 only!!  A fresh 6oz patty topped with balsamic onion marmalade, tamari glazes mushrooms, maple candied bacon, truffle aioli, and brie!! Talk about a masterpiece

Please note that they are only open Thursday - Sunday. Make sure to schedule them in!


Buell St. Bistro

Your taste buds will rejoice with the Buell Street Bistro's Southwestern Crab Cake Burger! At lunch enjoy their Southwestern Crab Cake Burger on a crusty bun with lettuce, tomato, avocado, and aioli. Pair it with carrot slaw, their soup of the day or sweet potato fries! At dinner enjoy the platter featuring their delicious crab cakes served with both sweet potato fries and exotic slaw, garnished with avocado and aioli! It that wasn't good enough, they also are offering their famous Fresh Fruity Sangria! Get it while you can!



A never before seen menu item, the Roll'n a Roll Burger! Their scrumptious sausage roll (in homemade bread of course) is paired with bacon, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, mayo, salad cream, and tomato sauce... yum!! Pair this alongside their unique Burgery & Bevvy only drink: Hot chocolate infused with tea! The best part, you get to pick the tea!


Manoll's Fish & Chips

Manoll's has gone Greek offering a Greek Gyro burger! Fresh pita is layered with their homemade tzatziki, beef burger, caramelized onions, gyro, feta, lettuce, and tomato for a mouth-watering combo. Mamma Mia!


Richard's Coffeehouse

Take your Nona's homemade chicken parmesan and put it on a fresh toasted bun and you've got Richard's soul-satisfying chicken parm burger. Talk about serious comfort food!


Make sure to stop by the Spitfire Cafe and the Union Jack Pub as well! Stay tuned for their specials closer to.


So how do you win?

Step 1: Pick up a stamp card from participating locations or the DBIA office.

Step 2: Eat at participating locations

Step 3: Collect stamps for eating at participating locations

Step 4: Enter to win by dropping off stamp cards at participating locations or the DBIA office


Check out more info on the website here.

Keep up with the latest info on the Facebook event here.


PSA: If you collect 4 stamps you'll be entered to win all 3 prizes. Likewise, if you collect 3 stamps you'll be entered to win prize 1 and 2!

You also don't have to order the burger/bevvy to collect stamps!

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