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March 2020

Supporting Local During COVID-19

If one thing is for sure, we are in unchartered waters and relying heavily on leadership to keep us safe during this strange time we find ourselves in currently. Staying informed and kind are key factors to keep front of mind because we are in this together; despite isolation and social distancing, it has become apparent how closely connected we all are and the importance of looking out for our neighbours. In Downtown Brockville the support for local cannot be emphasized enough.


With social distancing practices in place and the closure of non-essential businesses to prevent the spread leaves us hyper-vigilant to say the least and we want you to feel safe in how you support business, so we’ve compiled some of our observations over the past few days in a list for your reference here. We can’t stress safety enough, so if in doubt please reach out and ask questions!

Self-care is important during these uncertain times and many of our service-based businesses are minimizing the impact of constant traffic at their business by providing virtual support and precautionary screening for essential services. Innovation is mobilizing the means to help both businesses and customers through these choppy waters and allowing us to support our most vulnerable neighbours, so if you can offer assistance please consider doing so.

Buying local from the essential services that remain is as important as it ever has been, many small businesses dance a fine line between loss and profit without these unforeseen circumstances and can offer a safer option to you with smaller spaces. These are businesses who, through donations, drive the extracurricular activities our community thrives on when we’re at our best and they need us now more than ever.

Alongside our businesses are the charities that are striving to hold up our most vulnerable populations. We’ve seen the generosity that can exist at these times, from Moose McGuire’s Brockville donating their perishable supplies during closure and The Noshery becoming a small local wholesale grocer to help those in need; we know this kindness will continue as we heal. True feel good stories happening right around the block!

Suggestions for spreading prosperity during such a challenging economic time includes giving yourself a break and ordering take-out or delivery from your favourite businesses, or buying hope by showing the intent to support your favourite shops again through online local shopping. Many are available through their Facebook pages and some have capabilities for online shopping through their websites. 

With all this considered, we’ve borrowed a brilliant idea from social media and put together two ways to encourage staying engaged with your neighbourhood businesses while staying safe during these times. While social distancing and getting some exercise be sure to do some window shopping in search of these colourful Easter Eggs posted throughout downtown, fill out the form and let us know where you find them for your chance to win. Submit completed sheets to our Events and Communications Coordinator, Melissa at by April 13th for your chance to win $25 in Downtown Brockville Gift Certificates. Gain up to 5 ballots and note: sheets less than 15% completed will not be included in the draw.

If you can’t get out or want more to do please consider  downloading our printable Egg to decorate, or use the image pictured below to decorate on your device. Simply upload to social media, using the hashtags pictured and gain extra point(s) for individual shout-outs to a Downtown Brockville business you would support if awarded $25 dollars to spend. Open your account and while posting type @businessname to tag them. If nothing comes up, search the business to see how they display their business (many popular names have to be creative with their tags). Finally, make sure all posts are "public" and use the hashtags or we will not see them!


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Brockville Visitor’s Guide: Things to Do

Brockville is by far one of Canada’s most diverse travel destinations, boasting numerous exciting activities and mesmerizing views of Eastern Ontario’s waterfront. This city is often referred to as the city of 1000 islands, given its position along the stunning St. Lawrence River.

With plenty of activities to choose from and the March break coming up, we have narrowed down a few of our favourite things to do in downtown Brockville. Continue reading for a list of Brockville’s very popular offerings.

Things to Do in Downtown Brockville

See a live performance

Brockville is one of the most culturally-rich regions in Ontario, boasting a lively art scene that draws in thousands of visitors every year. Visitors can head to the historic Brockville Arts Centre and enjoy one of the city’s highly anticipated plays or musical concerts.

Visit the Aquatarium

If you want to do something informative that’s also fun for the whole family, taking a trip to Brockville’s Aquatarium is ideal. You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of all the different types of fish found in the St. Lawrence River and get a diver’s eye view of a real shipwreck. There’s also a biosphere where you can learn all about the different plants and animals in the area. Those in need of some activities for the March break will be delighted to learn that the Aquatarium runs a fun-filled kids camp!

Visit Museums and Shop collectibles

Brockville is at the heart of Ontario’s history, proudly displaying 19th-century architecture and offering tours of historical sites such as the Fulford Place, a magnificent 20,000-square-foot mansion built in 1899-1901.  Senator George Taylor Fulford made millions of dollars from "Pink Pills for Pale People" – a patent medicine he manufactured in Brockville and sold around the world. There is no better way to dive into the past than by picking up a few precious collectible items or antiques from the several antique and thrift shops in downtown Brockville.

March Break Skating at Rotary Park

During the March break, why not step out onto the ice? Outdoor skating at Brockville’s Rotary Park can make a great activity. Whether you want to visit the rink with your partner or the whole family, there’s enough fun to be had for everyone. During March break, the rink will be open from March 16-20, from 1-2:20 p.m.; the best part is it only costs $2.50 per person.

Spring into Flavour in Downtown Brockville

The perfect pairing isn't just limited to food and wine...this year's Spring Into Flavour is celebrating pairings of all sorts, from coffee and snacks to brewery favourites and delicious meals. Downtown Brockville invites you to their coffee shops, breweries, and more as you discover what your perfect pairings are!  Join us from March 19-30 for Spring into Flavour!

Downtown Brockville

Downtown Brockville offers countless things to do, and our team is here to help you discover this beautiful city! Visit our website today to learn more about Brockville’s upcoming events, book a bus tour or view accommodation options within the city.

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