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The 6 Types of Office Space for Rent in Downtown Brockville

Small businesses make up the bulk of Downtown Brockville and office space for rent in the area provides ample opportunities for other small businesses to set up shop and grow with the rest of the community. Situated on the bank of the St. Lawrence River, Downtown Brockville not only provides great shopping, but also beautiful views and rich history.

Combined with the supportive community, Downtown Brockville's many rental options are perfect for nurturing your business.

  1. Rent by the Room or by the Building

If you've ever dreamed of owning a small used bookstore, thrift shop, flower shop, or any type of small business, you will find the perfectly sized location to meet your needs. Whether you need just a single room to display your products, or the whole building for storage and display, Downtown Brockville has what you need. 

  1. Combination Property

Many buildings in the downtown area boast both residential and commercial uses, allowing the small business owners to supplement their business income by renting out the apartments on the top, while running their business on the ground floor. 

  1. Professional Office Space for Rent

First impressions can make or break customer confidence and loyalty. By inviting potential clients to a well-kept, quaint office in the beautiful Downtown area, you can better ensure that they will be confident in your services or products, while maintaining your productivity.

  1. Retail Space

Store fronts boasting a variety of fun, adorable, and unique items are iconic within Downtown Brockville. The retail space for rent allows you to beautifully display your items and entice shoppers into your store.

  1. Services Space

Salons, nail artists, tattoo artists, and instructors are all welcome within the business community of Downtown Brockville. Many rental properties in the area have the required features for many service centered businesses. Whether you are dreaming of opening your own salon, or if your dance school has outgrown your current building, downtown Brockville has the perfect option for you.

  1. Restaurants

No downtown area is complete without a selection of mouthwatering eateries. Rental properties with commercial kitchens, such as what you would expect for a cafe or family restaurant often include commercial grade appliances, reducing startup costs, and expediting opening day.

No matter your business, there is the perfect office space for rent in Downtown Brockville. To learn more, or to see listed properties, please contact Downtown Brockville today!


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