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Brockville Montessori School

Brockville Montessori School has been in the community for over 30 years. We are excited to be moving to our new location in downtown Brockville at 80 Pine Street. BMS offers an early childhood education from certified Montessori Directresses. It is a fun and enticing program for children aged 2 -6 which is individually based. Our classroom provides a space especially for children with many interesting and beautiful materials that are fun and stimulating for your child. These materials entice and develop a love of learning in every child. Our carefully formulated materials give children the tools necessary to learn in the best way for their age - through choice and discovery. The dual qualities of independence and a love of learning are nurtured in such a way that both competence and confidence result. These competent and self-confident young people have the necessary tools for successful future learning and living.

Brockville Montessori School
80 Pine Street
Brockville, Ontario
(613) 345-0286