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Take in all Downtown Brockville has to offer, the heart of the City where the beautiful waterfront and historic architecture meet to produce one of a kind shops, culinary hot spots and an eclectic mix of artists and cultural venues. 



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Brockville Railway Tunnel

Incorporated in 1832, Brockville is one of Canada's oldest municipalities and one of its oldest railway centres. The Grand Trunk Railway connected Brockville and Montreal in 1855. This historic Tunnel was completed 21 years before construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway even began and predates all of the rail tunnels in the Western Rockies. Controversial for its time, our Tunnel was a major feat of engineering and it remains a remarkable example of Canada's pre-Confederation industrial heritage. The Tunnel was re-opened in August 2017, featuring a modern light show and sound system. It is open from dawn 'til dusk daily.

Brockville Railway Tunnel Brockville Railway Tunnel
1 Blockhouse Island Parkway
Brockville, Ontario