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Take in all Downtown Brockville has to offer, the heart of the City where the beautiful waterfront and historic architecture meet to produce one of a kind shops, culinary hot spots and an eclectic mix of artists and cultural venues. 



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Dockside Living 1000 Islands Shoppe

Closed for Season - until SPRING Where comfort meets elegance. Visit today to shop for nautical apparel to fit your lifestyle on the water. Or bring dockside living into your home or cottage with our home decor! We also have house an art gallery containing the enchanting prints and photography by local Ian Coristine, whose photos capture the beauty and fantasy of the 1000 Islands. Sunday Hours: 10am - 5pm

Dockside Living 1000 Islands Shoppe
6 Broad St.
Brockville, Ontario
(613) 865-7328