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Carolyn Fe back at the Spitfire!

Date:March 8, 2019
Time:7:00pm - 10:00pm
Location:Spitfire Cafe

Carolyn Fe is a true artist: curious, adaptable, an outlier, a free-spirited visionary who questions accepted standards and pushes against established rules to bravely navigate the daunting corridors of her soul, reinventing herself and redefining her craft. She is an innovator who has always expressed herself through the performing arts, (formerly dance), but it is through theatre and music, specifically the Blues, that she fully embodies all of her talents as an insightful lyricist, evocative interpreter, and singularly authentic performer.

Her 4th CD, Sugat Ko (released on August 1, 2018) is a return to her roots both ethnically and internally. She takes the blues to the edges as she re-defines it on her terms. The title is Tagalog (Philippine language) for “My Wound” and the album showcases the new collective, and the troupe is fearless regarding the sonic risks that Carolyn Fe is eager to explore and advance the genre. “We’re a tight, collaborative group and the confidence these amazing musicians have in me inspires me to continue thinking not just outside the box, but without a box altogether!”

With the release of Sugat Ko, Carolyn Fe reveals her truest self. Peers and fans will be noticing a most authentic Carolyn Fe. Coupled with the incredible flexibility of her musicians, she continues to attract attention not only from Blues lovers around the world but from music devotees who want to hear something different. Just as the Blues manifests in myriad ways, Carolyn Fe captures all of its subtle colours and hues, always with an unconventional take. Worldwide media reviews are in and a common thread is that, Sugat Ko, is definitely not your Grandma’s blues.

But hang on to your hats, music is only a fraction of what she does. Film, TV & Theatre projects keeps Carolyn Fe occupied in her “downtime”. As a triple carded professional actor, Carolyn Fe has been gracing the stage and camera in various theatrical productions, TV and movie spots since 2005! Her most recent theatrical appearance was in Dora Award Winner’s, Audrey Dwyer, play called “Calpurnia” in 2018. With sold out shows and thrilling reviews on Carolyn Fe’s, she was given the award for 2018 Best Supporting Actress by the esteemed Toronto Theatre Critics’ Award for her role as Precy, in Calpurnia.

When not gracing the stage or working in the studio, Carolyn Fe pays it forward by volunteering at various charitable organizations. But her regular gigs are at two women's shelters where she provides the ladies with hair styling services.