Downtown Brockville's Events 

Downtown Brockville always has family-friendly events going on throughout the year. With the historic downtown as a wonderful backdrop, our local events are sure to have something for everyone. Add in some unique shopping and dining, your day will be packed with lots to see and do.

Vision Board DIY Empowerment Workshop

Date:March 12, 2019
Time:7:15pm - 9:00pm
Location:Wild Little Roses 7 Perth St, Brockville.

Spend the evening with us creating a vision board to help you and your path! This is a creative mind full workshop that will allow you to focus on yourself! You will be designing a beautiful board choosing your own style and design.

What does it entail?!

We help you identify your dreams!

Learn how to dream bigger!

Remove your Blocks!

Set Goals!

Admission Fee:35.00