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Downtown Brockville always has family-friendly events going on throughout the year. With the historic downtown as a wonderful backdrop, our local events are sure to have something for everyone. Add in some unique shopping and dining, your day will be packed with lots to see and do.

Toxin Free Home Using Essential Oils Make and Take

Date:March 26, 2019
Time:7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location:Wild Little Roses 7 Perth St, Brockville.

Did you know...
- More than 17,000 chemicals are allowed in cleaning products?
- Less than 1/3 have been tested for safety
- 0 have been tested for interaction with each other.
- 3,163 chemicals are allowed in the single term "fragrance."
This is crazy! It's incredible how much junk we expose ourselves to on a daily basis while thinking we're "clean" or keeping the home around us clean. I can help you change that with a few simple tools and tricks and some amazing natural products.

For this ‘make and take’ we’ll be making the following:

All Purpose Cleaner
Laundry Detergent
Room Spray