Downtown Brockville's Events 

Downtown Brockville always has family-friendly events going on throughout the year. With the historic downtown as a wonderful backdrop, our local events are sure to have something for everyone. Add in some unique shopping and dining, your day will be packed with lots to see and do.

Tribal Style Belly Dance

Date:April 1, 2019

American Tribal Style belly dance lets us have fun as we move with the new rhythms of the Middle East and work our bodies and minds together. Shimmies, steps and undulations...communicating non verbally in pairs or as a whole in a playful way, we get exercise while honing our personal expression and befriending our bodies in a healthy way. No experience necessary. 8 week session begins April 1 at 5:30 -6:30 pm in the Lighthouse Theatre at the Aquatarium. Build fitness, confidence, and joy.