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Downtown Brockville, Ontario, always has upcoming family-friendly events going on throughout the year. With the historic downtown as a wonderful backdrop, our local events are sure to have something for everyone. Add in some unique shopping and dining, your day will be packed with lots to see and do.

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Wine Women & Wisdom

Date:May 25, 2022
Location:Moose McGuire's Brockville (6 Broad St)
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Join us for our first official women’s meet up in 2022!

Guest Speaker: To be announced

Date: May 25th


Cost: $10 per person

What Wine Women and Wisdom is....


We Created Wine, Women and Wisdom  for women in our community to meet, gather, and grow.


Our mission is to help women develop camaraderie and meaningful connections through monthly gatherings and build long lasting relationships that help women develop kinships to others within the community.


Each month our group will meet at various locations across the city and can expect the following; Professional and personal networking, pub crawls at local venues, workshops, planned activities and much more. The idea is for people to get out of their comfort zones, build relationships, pursue passions and find supportive friendships.

This is an open group for women in all walks of life!

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of click on the link below and book your ticket!

Admission Fee: