Loven Pizza



Loven Pizza @ 191 King St W



Pious Sebastian and Sachin Peter are the owners of Loven Pizza in Brockville. Both are originally from Kerala, India. Pious runs the day to day operations and has a Robotics Engineering degree from Algonquin College in Ottawa. His Mom, Dad and 2 sisters live back home in India. Sachin has a Software Engineering degree from Algonquin as well, and has worked for Nokia in Ottawa for over 15 years now.

Pious played soccer for his province in India and was scouted to play as a backup for Ottawa Fury, but unfortunately tore his ACL shortly after.

Pious has a passion for business and a love for working for himself. He has always wanted to start something, and having worked at pizza places previously, thought to open his own. The recipes for their pizza and food are all homemade. Pious moved to Brockville two years ago and opened just a few weeks ago on August 22. The dough and sauce are made in-house and the veggies are all cut in the kitchen.

The name Loven comes from Love and oven put together and they allow for unlimited toppings on their standard pizza for no added cost. You can pick up a slice for $1 anytime or order at

Always happy to see new businesses downtown! Welcome!

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Kathy Lewis is the owner of Boboli in Brockville, and has been for 28 years. Kathy was originally born in England, where she grew up and later went off to school to be a Nanny.

She travelled around Europe for some time and ended up coming to Toronto for 6 months. After that, she went home for a short while and came back for another "6 months" in 1982, where she met her future husband and ended up staying.

Kathy's husband grew up in Montreal, lived in Toronto, but was born in Brockville. One weekend they came to Brockville to attend a party. It was a miserably rainy weekend and the party was completely washed out. To make the trip worthwhile, they drove around Brockville, looked at scenery and checked out houses for sale to pass the time. They spontaneously put a very low offer on a house in Brockville, assuming they wouldn't hear back. But when the phone rang saying that the offer had been accepted, it became real. For about 6 months after that, Kathy's husband lived in, and renovated the house in Brockville while Kathy worked in Toronto.

When she moved to Brockville, she got a job at the Townhouse Restaurant, working for Stewart Cuthbert. Kathy ended up becoming the catering manager and enjoyed her time working there.

In 1993, Kathy opened Boboli. She had the first cappuccino machine and the first non-smoking restaurant in Brockville. In 2005, she moved to the location she is in now, at 32 King St W. She loves her regulars, commuters that come in from the 401 and loves to make everything in the café from scratch.

Kathy makes all of her soups herself every day, bakes all the pastries, and doesn't have anything processed or pre-made. She buys local fruit when it is in season and supports local whenever possible, 6 days a week.

Congratulations on 28 years in business Kathy. We're so happy to have you as a business in our downtown, thank you for everything!

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Golden Soles



Golden Soles Footwear & Accessories



Elaine Ferguson is the owner and operator of Golden Soles at 46 King St. East. Elaine was born in Brockville and grew up here, attending BCI for high school.

In 1986 she moved to Nova Scotia where she attended Acadia University; majoring in History and English. While in Nova Scotia, Elaine was a front end training supervisor at a Sobeys, and at one point was the manager of crescent jewellers in the maritimes. She also taught foreign exchange students English and treated them all as her own children while they stayed with her.

Elaine moved back to Brockville in 2008 and attended business school at SLC Brockville. There, she met Ben TeKamp, who was her professor at the time. She will always remember that he told her once that he was proud of the fact that she was back in school to open a business even though they were the same age. In 2017, Elaine was awarded the Ben TeKamp award, which she proudly hangs on her wall behind her desk.

Tomorrow is Elaine's 11th year anniversary of being open. She is proud to say she offers healthy, comfortable, stylish footwear that are orthotic.

Thank you for being in Downtown Brockville for so long and congratulations on your 11th anniversary. We are proud to say Golden Soles is part of the Downtown Brockville family.

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Limestone and Ivy



Limestone and Ivy:



Dan Sparring owns Limestone and Ivy, Brockville located at 39 King St. West. Dan is originally from Sweden but moved away when he was 13 years old. They moved away so his father "Jan Sparring" could escape the constant paparazzi that followed them wherever they went. Jan Sparring was a very famous singer in Sweden.

Before they initially moved to Brockville, they considered three locations; Brockville, California, or Australia. They ended up moving to Brockville because of their very strong love for hockey. Which is a very Canadian thing to do.

Dan's mother couldn't find a pair of shoes she liked in Brockville when they moved so she opened a shoe store in Brockville in 1974 named "Fancy That". Dan grew up in Brockville and attended BCI. In grade 13 he would often skip Fridays to go to Montreal or fly to New York to make the purchases for his mother's store. His mother continued to open stores and opened up a furniture store while he was still in high school. She opened the store solely due to the fact that she couldn't find Scandinavian furniture. In the next few years she had more than 10 stores open across Ontario selling all different types of things.

In 1982, Dan opened Limestone and Ivy in the 1000 Islands Mall and later moved to King St. about 8 years ago. Today, Dan and his sister Maria co-own 3 stores in Brockville and in Kingston. Maria however, didn't like limestone so she chose to call one of their stores "Roundstone" instead.

Limestone and Ivy experienced a massive shock in March when they needed to close because of COVID-19, much like many businesses. Bills racked up but they are still around and not going anywhere.

In 2012 Dan won business of the year and in 2019 his wife, Cynthia Sparring, won businessperson of the year for her incredible work at Career Services in Brockville.

Limestone and Ivy has a large selection of Blundstones and Birkenstocks and are a large attraction for locals and tourists visiting Brockville.

Thank you for everything you've accomplished Dan! It was amazing hearing your story and we look forward to working with you more in the future!

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SAVVY, Brockville



Jennifer Robinson is the Owner and Operator of Savvy Brockville. Jennifer was born and raised in Brockville, attending BCI for high school. Later, she attended college for Medical Dental.

Savvy has been open for 14 years and Jennifer has been working there for eleven. Six years ago, Jennifer and her husband purchased the business from the previous owner and has happily run it ever since.

Jennifer has been a very active member of the community for many years and has been proud of Downtown Brockville for her entire life. She has been a very involved member of the DBIA and is always looking to be involved in new projects to better our Downtown.

The pandemic was difficult on her as it was on everyone. Jennifer and her husband had planned to open a “Savvy Too” across the road to offer Affordable Family Footwear to Brockville locals. Unfortunately, they’ve had to delay the opening, but are very confident they will have it open within the next two years.

Savvy offers a wide variety of clothing, shoes and apparel. They also have a small selection of children’s shoes and a few non-leather choices for sale.

We are very happy to have you as a business and friend and we can’t wait to work more with you in the future! Thank you for everything you’ve done, it does not go unnoticed

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Kinda Electronics



Kinda Electronics Limited:



Kinda Electronics Limited is a small business located between Chase St. and John St. on the northside of King West. It is proudly owned and operated by Ahmad Khadra. Ahmad got his Electronics Engineering Degree in Damascus, Syria where he grew up. He moved to Canada in March of 1995 to Saint-Laurent, Montreal. A few years later he moved to Brockville, and has been a proud Brockvillian ever since.

While in Brockville he commuted to Queens to complete 7 courses necessary for him to become a member of Ontario Engineering. He opened his shop in Downtown Brockville on Valentine’s Day of 1999 and has not looked back since. Ahmad furthered his education by completing an MBA online from the University of Fredericton in 2015 while operating his store at the same time.

Ahmad has received awards, including the L&G annual Immigrant Entrepreneur award and a 20th anniversary award of being open from Steve Clark that he proudly displays in his window.

Ahmad often sells and repairs mopeds and electric scooters but also does general electronic repairs and building as well. He is currently working on a voice activated moped that can take the user different places with vocal commands. Kinda Electronics is a much-valued business in the Downtown and Khadra is never short of new ideas to improve our city.

Thank you for being such an amazing member of the Downtown Brockville community, we wish you many great years ahead.

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