Downtown Business Features

September 2020

Sundeck Tanning Studio

Feature Friday! 🎉🎊:

Sun Deck Tanning Studio

@ 27 King St E Suite #3

Angela Tyo, Rene Tyo and Poncho (mascot) are the wonderful owners of Sun Deck Tanning Studio. Although the business is believed to have been around since 1988, Angela and Rene are new owners, having only owned the business since July 27th, 2019.

Angela is normally there 4-5 days a week, and runs the everyday operations. She is normally accompanied by Poncho, their studio dog (He has a different name to the regular customers however.) Rene works at 3M and fills in anytime Angela has errands to run.

Since taking ownership, Angela and Rene have done considerable renovations; creating more space and improving the tanning beds. They've also taken it upon themselves to make anyone walking in, feel like they're walking into a relaxing paradise.

Angela was born and raised in Brockville, she attended St. John Bosco and was Brockvilles very first female Altar server.

When Angela was getting ready for high school in the 80's, she was part of the initial fundraiser to open St. Mary Catholic High School. She was one of around 20-30 students that took grade 9 there for the very first time.

Angela later moved away to Belleville to finish high school. She came back to Brockville for a short while before going out to Banff springs to work as a waitress for Canadian Pacific. She was there for 4 years. Later, she went out to New Brunswick to work at St. Andrews by the sea, for a summer.

When Angela moved home, she worked a variety of different jobs until last year, when her and her husband purchased Sun Deck Tanning. They made it their mission to revamp the place and make it welcoming to everyone.

Angela and Rene are both very happy to supply vitamin D to every customer and friend. They want everyone to know that tanning isn't just for bronzing your skin, it is also extremely relaxing! They offer spray tanning, stand up or lay down tanning beds and a variety of lotions and creams.

They have free customer parking around the back of the building that is easy to access from Water St.

Congrats to over a year in business Rene and Angela, we are looking forward to many more!

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Manoll's Fish & Chips

Feature Friday! 🎉🎊:

Manoll's Fish & Chips

@ 11 Buell St:

Anna Trakshall owns Manoll's Fish and Chips, and has since September 12th, 2016. (Congrats on 4 years operating!)

Ann's parents immigrated from Greece in 1970 and in 1972 they purchases Manoll's.

Anna was born in Brockville and grew up here. She attended BCI and went on to get her Diploma for Hotel and Restaurant Management at SLC Brockville. For most of her life she worked in restaurants in the area. In 2008 she moved to Kingston and was a server at a restaurant in the city.

In June 2012, Anna came to Brockville to get married. She planned to only stay in Brockville for a year and a half, but ended up taking over Manoll's in the process.

Anna would like to thank the community and tourists for keeping them open! Manoll's has been operating for 86 years and they hope to operate for many more!

They were recently featured on CTV Ottawa for making food for the legion to give to seniors around Brockville:

Thank you for being a staple in the Downtown and we wish you the best of luck in the future!

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Loven Pizza



Loven Pizza @ 191 King St W



Pious Sebastian and Sachin Peter are the owners of Loven Pizza in Brockville. Both are originally from Kerala, India. Pious runs the day to day operations and has a Robotics Engineering degree from Algonquin College in Ottawa. His Mom, Dad and 2 sisters live back home in India. Sachin has a Software Engineering degree from Algonquin as well, and has worked for Nokia in Ottawa for over 15 years now.

Pious played soccer for his province in India and was scouted to play as a backup for Ottawa Fury, but unfortunately tore his ACL shortly after.

Pious has a passion for business and a love for working for himself. He has always wanted to start something, and having worked at pizza places previously, thought to open his own. The recipes for their pizza and food are all homemade. Pious moved to Brockville two years ago and opened just a few weeks ago on August 22. The dough and sauce are made in-house and the veggies are all cut in the kitchen.

The name Loven comes from Love and oven put together and they allow for unlimited toppings on their standard pizza for no added cost. You can pick up a slice for $1 anytime or order at

Always happy to see new businesses downtown! Welcome!

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Kathy Lewis is the owner of Boboli in Brockville, and has been for 28 years. Kathy was originally born in England, where she grew up and later went off to school to be a Nanny.

She travelled around Europe for some time and ended up coming to Toronto for 6 months. After that, she went home for a short while and came back for another "6 months" in 1982, where she met her future husband and ended up staying.

Kathy's husband grew up in Montreal, lived in Toronto, but was born in Brockville. One weekend they came to Brockville to attend a party. It was a miserably rainy weekend and the party was completely washed out. To make the trip worthwhile, they drove around Brockville, looked at scenery and checked out houses for sale to pass the time. They spontaneously put a very low offer on a house in Brockville, assuming they wouldn't hear back. But when the phone rang saying that the offer had been accepted, it became real. For about 6 months after that, Kathy's husband lived in, and renovated the house in Brockville while Kathy worked in Toronto.

When she moved to Brockville, she got a job at the Townhouse Restaurant, working for Stewart Cuthbert. Kathy ended up becoming the catering manager and enjoyed her time working there.

In 1993, Kathy opened Boboli. She had the first cappuccino machine and the first non-smoking restaurant in Brockville. In 2005, she moved to the location she is in now, at 32 King St W. She loves her regulars, commuters that come in from the 401 and loves to make everything in the café from scratch.

Kathy makes all of her soups herself every day, bakes all the pastries, and doesn't have anything processed or pre-made. She buys local fruit when it is in season and supports local whenever possible, 6 days a week.

Congratulations on 28 years in business Kathy. We're so happy to have you as a business in our downtown, thank you for everything!

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