Downtown Business Features

October 2020

Heather & Crow

Feature Friday! 🎉🎊:

Heather & Crow

@ 62 King St. West

Laura Phipps and Joey Diotte are the 2 owners and operators of Heather & Crow, the brand new store at 62 King St. West. They hoped to create a spot that is welcoming for all walks of life and every belief system, while offering fair prices.

Laura was born in Stouffville and moved to Brockville when she was 6 years old. She attended BCI in High School. Laura worked in many different industries, always wanting to open up her own store. At one point she worked at Home Hardware and loved it, and ended up working for Rob Thompson, building homes. She woke up on her 40th birthday and realized that if she didn't pull the trigger and open something now, she may never get to it. So she opened Wild Gypsy on Perth St. It was then when she met her now business partner, Joey. Joey was a supplier for Laura, making and selling different items for the store.

Joey was born in Cornwall, but left when she was 17 years old to move to BC. She lived in BC for 18 years and worked different jobs, settling on transportation and logistics.

In 2010, Joey packed up and moved to Montreal, where she continued with transportation and logistics. She became a supervisor for EPL Logistics before they closed.

In 2013 Joey moved to Brockville for the first time, where she had a baby with her boyfriend Jason. Jason and Joey have a family of 7, with 4 kids and their dog, accurately named 7even, for being the 7th member of the family.

Joey's son, Kai, was born quite sensitive to his environment, meaning that the family couldn't use any products that had any chemicals in it due to his sensitivity. With that, Joey began making her own products 1-by-1 from different plants and flowers. Before long everything in their house was homemade and chemical free. She found that it worked wonders for her son and people started asking her to make some for them.

In 2017, Joey was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she hadn't been making her essential oils as much in the years prior and she began again because she found it to be quite helpful in the past. The diagnoses brought her back to the natural products and re-inspired her to make more products for people looking for natural healing. We're happy to say, Joey is in remission and is clearly a fighter, we wish you all the best and keep trucking on ❤️

Last November, Laura was looking for vendors, and they got in contact with one another. They were instantly friends. The friendship turned into Joey using the backroom to make products. Shortly after, Joey was making her products under Laura's store name. It didn't take them long to start running the entire store together

On October 1st, Laura and Joey opened Heather & Crow on King St., where they work together and have a variety of different interesting oddities.

They offer Tarot card reading on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, done by Richard. Richard has a lot of experience in the field, having previously run an institute of parapsychology. He has written a Tarot Therapy paper at the University of Ottawa and has actually done a reading for Margaret Trudeau. "Tarot Readings are about revealing the true self, finding out talents you thought you didn't have, and bringing hidden truths to the surface."

The store is beautiful, it has old, well preserved wooden shelving and glass that was imported from England in the early 1900's. We are lucky to have such a great business duo in the Downtown and we wish you all the best!

Their Grand Opening will be on October 31st but they are open for business already!

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The Sweet Life Cafe

Feature Friday! 🎉🎊:

The Sweet Life cafe

@ 7 King St W, Entrance on Market St. W

Jennifer Mills and Shawn Mills are the owners and operators of The Sweet Life Cafe in Brockville and they are both in normally 6 days a week.

Jennifer grew up in Brockville and attended BCI. After high school, she went to Kemptville College to get her diploma in Food and Nutrition Management. With that, Jennifer worked in long-term care for 17 years in Prescott and Smiths Falls. Jennifer always wanted to open a cafe. She says it has proven to be a lot more work than anticipated, but it doesn't feel like work when you love what you do!

Shawn was born in Pembroke. His father was in the military and he moved to Brockville in 1983 and has been around ever since. He attended grade 9 & 10 at TISS and grade 11-13 at BCI. He was a truck driver for 17 years and has worked a variety of different jobs since he moved to the Brockville area.

Jennifer and Shawn are always running charities and fundraisers through the café. They have a "Pay it Forward" board for customers to have the option of purchasing an additional food or drink item and pinning it up on the board, allowing other customers to eat or drink for free. Last month was "Cookies for Hope" where they sold over 3,000 cookies, this month is "Cupcakes for Cancer". All the money raised goes to Breast Cancer Action Kingston and Mélanie's Way. Their upcoming fundraisers include donations to MS Charities, Charities for Kenyan Kids and often fundraisers for the food bank in Brockville. In 2021 they will be running a charity every other month from January-December!

Tomorrow (Oct 3rd) is Jennifer and Shawn's 2 year anniversary of being open! We thank you for being such an amazing addition to the downtown and for taking the extra time to run these amazing and selfless fundraisers! 😊 You two are awesome!

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