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Dan Sparring owns Limestone and Ivy, Brockville located at 39 King St. West. Dan is originally from Sweden but moved away when he was 13 years old. They moved away so his father "Jan Sparring" could escape the constant paparazzi that followed them wherever they went. Jan Sparring was a very famous singer in Sweden.

Before they initially moved to Brockville, they considered three locations; Brockville, California, or Australia. They ended up moving to Brockville because of their very strong love for hockey. Which is a very Canadian thing to do.

Dan's mother couldn't find a pair of shoes she liked in Brockville when they moved so she opened a shoe store in Brockville in 1974 named "Fancy That". Dan grew up in Brockville and attended BCI. In grade 13 he would often skip Fridays to go to Montreal or fly to New York to make the purchases for his mother's store. His mother continued to open stores and opened up a furniture store while he was still in high school. She opened the store solely due to the fact that she couldn't find Scandinavian furniture. In the next few years she had more than 10 stores open across Ontario selling all different types of things.

In 1982, Dan opened Limestone and Ivy in the 1000 Islands Mall and later moved to King St. about 8 years ago. Today, Dan and his sister Maria co-own 3 stores in Brockville and in Kingston. Maria however, didn't like limestone so she chose to call one of their stores "Roundstone" instead.

Limestone and Ivy experienced a massive shock in March when they needed to close because of COVID-19, much like many businesses. Bills racked up but they are still around and not going anywhere.

In 2012 Dan won business of the year and in 2019 his wife, Cynthia Sparring, won businessperson of the year for her incredible work at Career Services in Brockville.

Limestone and Ivy has a large selection of Blundstones and Birkenstocks and are a large attraction for locals and tourists visiting Brockville.

Thank you for everything you've accomplished Dan! It was amazing hearing your story and we look forward to working with you more in the future!

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