Last update: 4:00 pm June 17th

What's Open and Closed Downtown

Please find below updates on the status of downtown businesses. Updates will be made each morning. Please note this is not an extensive list and as information becomes available, businesses may change their status. 

For the latest updates on COVID-19 please consult Public Health

As we enter Phase #2 our updates will be less about what businesses are open and more about what they are doing to keep their customers and staff safe. Please visit out YouTube Channel to see more as we compile details!


Restaurants / Eateries:

Restaurants with patio space have been given the go ahead to open up - please consider contacting individual restaurants who have a patio to set-up reservations and learn more about their processes as they implement them going forward. 

Updated List of DT Eateries

See a downloadable list of all eateries with clickable links to those open: Here

Online Shopping:

See a downloadable list of current shopping options: Here

You can also purchase gift cards to an ever growing list of our businesses through Fansaves

Other Businesses:

Please visit our directory page to find the business type you are looking for as many more businesses open each day. 

See a downloadable list of "Other Businesses": Here

Note: If you don't see one of our businesses listed here please check directly with them or email us at

The City of Brockville uses Twitter as their emergency communication channel. For the most up to date information for city related buildings and matters, please see their twitter page.