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August 29, 2019
@DowntownBrockville has been a busy month for festivals! The Brockville Rowing Club held their 125 Anniversary
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Lawyers in Brockville

Addison Goffin-Boyd Law
51 King St. East, Suite 207, Brockville , Ontario
Addison Goffin-Boyd Law, provides a wide range of affordable legal services to assist you through the difficulties of family separation and divorce. ... READ MORE

Barr Criminal Law
9 Broad Street # 206, Brockville, Ontario
(613) 498-0800
Criminal Lawyer... READ MORE

Felicia O'Hara Law
22 Court House AVe, Brockville, Ontario
(613) 342-5552
Criminal and provincial offences, federal crown agent... READ MORE

Fitzpatrick & Culic
21 Pine Street, Brockville, Ontario
(613) 342-6693
Lawyers... READ MORE

Francois Dulude Law
22 Court House Ave., Brockville, Ontario K6V 4T1

Fraser & Bickerton Barristers and Solicitors
36 Broad Street, Brockville, Ontario
(613) 345-3377
Lawyers... READ MORE

Gregory Best Law
9 Pine Street, Brockville, Ontario
(613) 345-4809
Lawyers... READ MORE

Hain & Coleman
20 King Street West, Brockville, Ontario
(613) 342-5577
Lawyers... READ MORE

Hammond Osborne
9 Broad Street Suite 207, Brockville, Ontario
(613) 498-0944
At Hammond Osborne, our goal is to provide you with the best legal representation at reasonable rates.... READ MORE

Henderson Eastwood Tuck
6 Court Terrace, Brockville, Ontario K6V 4T4
613-345-5613 or 613-341-9111

Lazard & Associates
84 King Street West, Brockville, Ontario
(613) 345-7575
Lawyers... READ MORE

Legal Aid Clinic
51 King Street East, #301, Brockville, Ontario
Providing free legal services with a focus on: Social Assistance, Disability Benefits, Canada Pension, Landlord and Tenant Law, Employment Insuranc... READ MORE

Mary Jean McFall
9 Broad St., ,

Michael P. Bird Law
304-9 Broad Street, Brockville, Ontario
(613) 342-1183
Lawyers... READ MORE

O'Shaughnessy Law Office
17 Courthouse Square, Brockville, Ontario
(613) 342-2010
Criminal and provincial ofo'nces, o'deral crown agent... READ MORE

Ontario Court of Justice
41 Courthouse Ave, Brockville, Ontario
(613) 341-2800 x2206
Lawyers... READ MORE

Preston Law
201-68 King Street West, Brockville, Ontario
(613) 342-1866
Ser by Larry Servicerman... READ MORE

Robert Horton Law
17 Courthouse Square, Brockville, Ontario
(613) 345-3436
Lawyers... READ MORE

Steven J. Edgley Law
9 Broad St, Brockville, Ontario K6V 6Z4
(613) 345-3899
Lawyers... READ MORE

Stewart Corbett Law
21 Courthouse Ave, Brockville, Ontario
(613) 342-4491
Lawyers... READ MORE

Templeman Menninga
9 Broad Street Suite 303, Brockville, Ontario
(613) 498-4832
Templeman Lawyer... READ MORE

Wilson & Evely
3 Courthouse Ave, Brockville, Ontario
(613) 345-1907
Lawyers... READ MORE