March 22, 2019
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Communities in Bloom Blog #6: Summer Events


It’s hard to believe that it’s August already! So much has happened so far this year; clean-ups, workshops, meetings, etc. not to mention all of the extra work we all put in to hosting this year’s judges. Now that this year’s campaign is done, we thought it would be a fun idea to fill you all in on the events that will be taking place over the rest of the summer here in our community. What better way to enjoy the break than participating in events hosted right here in our city? This year’s events have something for everyone; family fun, food, shopping, entertainment, and some of them are even in support of some great causes!


Kicking off the August events is none other than Automotion; Brockville’s annual car show. This event sees new stylish cars, old classics, and everything in between come downtown to be showcased to the people of Brockville. The event takes place downtown; on Market Street, and Blockhouse Island throughout the day on Sunday August 5th, so be sure to check it out!

Next up is one of the most anticipated events each year; Brockville Ribfest. This event brings our community together like no other; with great food, entertainment, and fun for the kids; Brockville’s Ribfest truly has something for every Brockvillian. The best part about Ribfest is that it supports a good cause; the local Big Brothers/Big Sisters and what gives you a better feeling than helping make kid’s lives a bit easier? The answer is nothing; and when it happens to come along with a great meal, it’s definitely not an event you want to miss. The festivities begin on Thursday August 9th and run until Sunday August 12th in Hardy Park. Don’t miss your chance to fill up on mouthwatering food, great entertainment, and supporting an amazing cause!

The third and fourth events in August both run on Saturday the 18th throughout the day. Kicking off at 9:00am is Downtown Brockville’s “Fun Fest” which is the second street festival the BIA runs each year in August. Fun Fest combines live entertainment, shopping, food, and all kinds of other activities into one jam-packed day of fun. The event runs from 9:00am – 4:00pm and spans the length of King Street from Perth St to Bethune St. Running simultaneously to Fun Fest is the annual 1000 Islands Poker run down at Blockhouse Island. This event gives the people of Brockville a bit of fast-paced excitement, and lets them inspect the boats that are present. It is definitely worth the trip down to the waterfront; letting you experience these amazing vehicles cruising across our beautiful view, so be sure to check it out before they’re gone until next year!

The last major event being held in August is the Red Hot and Blue Rockabilly Weekend. This event combines great live entertainment with classic music, and all things Rockabilly. The festivities take place in various locations across the span of the weekend; either at Court House Lodge (7 Court House Square) the Brockville Legion (180 Park St.) or at Armagh Sifton Price Park (the south entrance of the tunnel) The event kicks off Thursday August 30th and wraps on Sunday September 2nd. Don’t miss your chance to experience Rockabilly Weekend in Brockville!


There are many more events coming to Brockville in the future months; so make sure to keep checking out the page for more updates. We will be continuing to post reminders for community events, as well as new content that we have when it arises, however the blog series is winding down until next year due to the lack of extra content, with the final installment of 2018 coming on the 18th of August. With that being said, we here at Communities in Bloom Brockville want to let the public know that just because the blog is going into a hiatus doesn’t mean that our page is, there is more content coming your way!